Who Sang I Ain't Forget? Sheek Louch

Sheek Louch Walk Witt Me cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-9-16
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:19
[Intro (talking)]
Whoo! Haha, yeah!
Uh, this is how I put it down on the M-I
Can I, talk to why'all *****z for a second
Feel me, ya know I mean?
I want why'all *****z to get why'all Coronas, yeah
Get why'all muh'****in dutches, light why'all muh'****in haze up
Grab why'all yak ya know I'm sayin
Get some Courvoisier and all that, some cranberry
Matter fact take that **** straight cause I need *****z to feel me on this
Ya know what I mean?
Listen, listen

[Verse One]
Yo, I don't think you understand what I mean
When I aks you to Walk Witt Me, I got the hawk wit me
No talk wit me, in the yard wit my dickies (whoo!)
Young but I remind you of somebody in the sixties
I knew it was on when our God was shown
But I was caught up in the mix of some glittery ****
A.T. him and Mase makin' mils wit it (damn!), I ain't mad
But that **** wasn't me (nah), had to get up off that
Jewelry and Cristal, couldn't talk that
They my *****z though, I ain't mad, I ain't hatin'
To this day him and Busta got the best show (word up)
Ya know I'm sayin' yo **** yo yo yo, yo feel me though
Back wit my *****z, Double are
Before X blew it up, before Eve was a star
We are the streets, they couldn't wait for it
Interscope couldn't wait to get a plate for it
Grammy night, couldn't wait to get a date for it
Not, we sold over gold
Finally reached platinum status and near that is
Still in the hood, still tryin' to learn the biz
Jadakiss dropped a solo they lovin' his voice
I'm lovin' his **** but the hood thought it was moist
Styles P dropped Gangsta and a Gentleman
Hard, no need to speak but the promotion was weak
Sheek never had solo plans
Till I dropped a freestyle in the studio with some a my mans
Lobson tweaked that, Mario leaked that
Your **** hot you could bring the muh****in streets back
Nah, I dunno I'm just tryin' get a label
Sit behind the desk you know, watch a lil' cable
Put my lil' man out, throw a few grand out
Get into some pop music, put a rock band out
Got wit my ***** K, cool and Whop
Green Lantern had my **** on the block (Hold me down)
Killed it in Flex now these labels tryin' to jump on our ****
If we could get Sheek album we'll sign D-Block
P and Kiss was like **** that we gettin' you off
We up in there, the rest of these labels is soft
Mario had a meetin' or two
Brought us to the you-N-I-V-E-are-S-A-L, what up Sue?
why'all aks for it now I hit you in the head
I will sleep in my bed you don't woke the dead
Feel me you keep truttin' I'm a hit you wit the lead
And leave your whole **** flatter than the first broke head
Thanks to why'all *****z it couldn't be
Without Envy, Whoo Kid, cool Kid and Ron G
My ***** Enuff, S&S, Capone
Chubby Chub, Sight for Sound and it's on

[Outro (talking)]
Wordup this street **** right here mayn
Ya know I mean?
I love why'all *****z dawg
why'all made a lot of **** possible
I gave why'all the heat, why'all distributed the ****
why'all bumped that ****, why'all had faith in this ****
That's why I love why'all ****
Whatever why'all need I got why'all *****z dawg
D-Block. That's street promotion right there man
Na mean? Real respect real, hood respect hood
Gangsta respect gangsta, gangsta got no love for *****
Yeah, Vinnie Idol, ha ha, Vinnie
This **** is knockin daddy, yo da next one
It's on. Yeah, D-Block!
I love why'all *****z. One

CD 1
  • 1 For You
  • 2 Ok
  • 3 Turn It Up
  • 4 How Many Guns
  • 5 In/Out (S.P.)
  • 6 I Ain't Forget
  • 7 Walk Witt Me
  • 8 Crazzy
  • 9 Ten Hut
  • 10 How I Love You
  • 11 3-5-4 (Tarrentino)
  • 12 Don't Mean Nuthin'
  • 13 D-Block
  • 14 Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up)

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin