Who Sang Not Waving, Drowning? Sheer Terror

Sheer Terror Love Songs for the Unloved cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-8-1
length: 2:32
Kill the sound and hit the lights
I've had about enough tonight.
I've been tried and I've been true.
Ten years on - am I through?
(Why the hell am I asking you?!?)
I don't really give a d***
Whether or not you understand
I don't have patience left to lend.
I never fell for your "cause"
But always pointed out your flaws.
So don't you try to come off as a friend.
Never have I ever met
So many f****** morons.
But you suck it up, just like you should
Because you've been told that it's good.
So go and sing their favorite song
You wouldn't want to not belong.
It's still s***, no matter how they serve it
It's another blast from the past,
And they stick it right up your a**.
You've been raped and, boy, do you deserve it.
I want you to take this the wrong way,
I'm not here for you, but for me.
I took this misadventure to see what I could do
And no one rides for free.
I never promised anything and I never asked for much.
I only grabbed what I could, and it crumbles at the touch.
I still don't have what I want, and humility's nothing to flaunt
But there's nary a day I regret
When reality comes crashing in, I sometimes feel like cashing in.
I'm close, but not just yet.
I'm not waving, I'm drowning. I'm not laughing, I'm frowning.
I'm not singing, I'm screaming. Please tell me I'm dreaming...

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