Who Sang Come In From The Rain? Shirley Bassey

Shirley Bassey You Take My Heart Away cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1977
Well, hello there
Good old friend
Of mine,
You've been reaching
For yourself
For such a long time

There's so much to say,
No need to explain,
Just an open door
For you
To come in from the rain

It's a long road
When you're on your own,
And a man like you
Will always choose
The long way home.
There's no right or wrong,
I'm not here to blame.
I just want to be the one
To keep you from the rain
From the rain

And it looks
Like sunny skies.
Now that I know
You're all right.

Time has left us
Older and wiser,
I know I am

And It's good to know
My best friend
Has come home again.
And 'causeI think of us
Like an old cliche,
But it doesn't matter
'cause I love you anyway
Come in from the rain
Come in from the rain
Come in from the rain

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