Who Sang Granny's Yard? Shola Ama

Release information
Release Date: 2002-7-17
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: UK Garage
length: 3:33
I remeber growing up at grannys yard.In the 80's playing hop-scoutch,and running away from the neighbours dog.Body pupin with the bogglo break fourse.Glow worms garbage pal kids so extrem and paise we be.Carnivals in pasons green.The days when we used of been care free.Stuff can't touch the A team barbie dolls toy jeans,tom and jerry every scene,bmx down street,wonder woman on magzines,michale jackson on m.t.v,charlie brown snoppy thoese was the days.
Now i'm 16 drama queen.Some stages sining buggsy.Everybody

CD 1
  • 1 Emancipation (I'm Back)
  • 2 My Future
  • 3 Sym4ony (feat. Danny K)
  • 4 U & Me
  • 5 This I Promise U
  • 6 Here on Earth
  • 7 Electro High (Supersonic)
  • 8 My Name Is...... (Break)
  • 9 Blood From a Stone
  • 10 B 2Getha (feat. Jason Jermaine)
  • 11 Like 2 Watch (feat. Ray-Da)
  • 12 Granny's Yard
  • 13 This I Promise You (Fatboy remix)