Who Sang Never Enough? Sick on the Bus

Sick on the Bus Punk Police cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 2:37
Vodka burning in my brain, my eyes are full of l***, My b**** are aching oh so much, I think they're gonna burst. Can't wait to get you home, right here will have to do, Don't care what happens now, As long as I'm with you. Chorus: Oh no! It's never enough. Drink and drugs never enough, You know the way it is, Like when you're coming down, Just one more, wrap of whizz Just one more toke, one more beer, I need to fry my brain, my liver, lungs and my head will never be the same. Chorus: Oh no! It's never enough. Ankle deep to the makers name, Sweat pouring down like it's f****** rain, My hands are full, my eyes are too, I need more limbs, got things to do. Chorus: Oh no! It's never enough. YOU'RE SO MEAN You said we're going out, so why am I alone? Sitting here drinking, waiting by the phone? You said you're gonna call, but then you never do, No wonder I'm sick and tired of you! Chorus: You're so mean! Seen you carrying on around town, Giving me that run around, It's the same old story, again, again, again! 'Don't worry honey, were just friends!" Chorus: You're so mean! I've tried real hard, but everything is wrong, You're gonna miss me, when I'm gone, It ain't my fault; it's down to you, I'm gonna find somebody new.

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Never Enough
  • 2 You're So Mean
  • 3 Everything's Shit
  • 4 No Need for That
  • 5 Party Time
  • 6 I Don't Think So
  • 7 Scarey in the Dark
  • 8 All Over Again
  • 9 Get It On
  • 10 Punk Police