Silk - What Kind of Love Is This 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1994
ジャンル: Funk / Soul
スタイル: RnB/Swing
length: 4:40
(verse 1) What kind of love is this, I cannot resist. I've searched all over where my path would find. And girl before your love I was blind. My friends say boy, How do you know it, how do you know this love is real? I say Nothing has ever moved me, nothing has ever quite made me feel...

(hook) The way that she touch me (the way she touches me)
The way that she holds me (the way way that she holds me)
The way that she kiss me, the way she love me down with all her might.

And I know her love is real. You can't tell me waht I feel. What kind of love is this?

(chorus) What kind of love, is this you're giving? Never before, has the love been so driven. I'll give you the sun and the moon and the stars if I could. (I'll give it to you baby. And I know this love is real. They can't tell me what I feel. What kind of love is this?)

Heyy!! La lalalal! Yeah!! Talk to me Little G

(2nd verse) Never thought I'd fall in love, Love at first sight. Never thought I'd fing good love. Love that could be so right baby. Think about my broken hearts baby. Then I think about the good times and the times to come. Counting down every minute. Waiting for another day that I get to be in your arms baby.


CD 1
  • 1 Hooked on You
  • 2 Because of Your Love
  • 3 It’s So Good
  • 4 Don’t Rush
  • 5 I Can Go Deep
  • 6 What Kind of Love Is This
  • 7 Don’t Go to Bed Mad
  • 8 Don’t Cry for Me
  • 9 Now That I’ve Lost You
  • 10 How Could You Say You Love Me
  • 11 Remember Me