Just do It Lyrics - Silkk the Shocker feat. Curren$y

Curren$y Based on a True Story cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-9-7
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:03
vocal: Curren$y

(Silkk Talking)
Diesel, Sound Like One of Em
Fake Bouncing When He See Me
Like Gutter, Real Gutter

Just Do It
You ain't gotta talk all loud in my ear
Just Do It
Yapping and stuff when I'm standing right here
Just Do It
You ain't gotta tell me what you gonna do
Just Do It
I'ma do me so you do you
Just Do It
You ain't gotta tell me how you getting no cream
Just Do It
Nigga yapping, trying to sell me a drink
Just Do It
You ain't gotta try to front for no broads
Just Do It
Trying to mug, trying to be all hard

[Silkk the Shocker]
What's up killa, you hear this then don't think, bounce
You counting me out, motherfucker, you can't count
Windows cracked, Car drop low, I'm laid back lord
In a Chevelle, 100 ??, no sixes on the course
Ain't no stressing in my blood, game on my back
Knock you out just for sayin my name on wax
Cause if its that serious, e-mail me, send me a fax
If it's that real, watch how quick I get back
See, I been about my stacks way before I been rapping
Playboy, whats on your mind, look, lets get it cracking
I been having paper way before I went platinum
It don't take too much to get it jumping, man what's happening


[Silkk the Shocker]
Niggas be handcuffing their girl when I'm around and shit
I don't know if its me or the nigga don't want me around his chick
I was looking besides she was looking first
She ain't even my type besides look it just wouldn't work
I'm the type to tap y'all and wild out with witnesses
I come back, different day, different clothes, and different whip
I'm paid and you broke, I already know how you feel
You ain't gotta ask about flow, you already know I got skill
But better calm your boy down, have him walk it off
Cause in a few, he ain't gonna be able to walk at all
Either we all can get along
The dude and crew or we can all be alone
Or we all get the chrome
Whatever it is, just please stop callin my phone


Hustler, Baller, Gangsta, Caterpillar
Yeah, Who I Be, That's Curren$y, Tha Hot Spitta
T Crooked R U, Young rich nigga
I'm up in Cali, wheelin ya lowrider bicycles
He talk a good one but you niggas can't
I'ma pull the cannons out, make you wish and blow your candles out
Raised by the streets, C-Murder show me what a man about
Gangstas never flinch and when they sent, get their hands out
You niggas what richboys real riding on them spinning wheels, on a cadillac deville
I'ma say what I feel and back it up with the steel
Get it even if I have to jeapordize my deal


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