What You Know Lyrics - Silkk the Shocker feat. Short Circuit

Short Circuit My World, My Way cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-2-27
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Crunk/Bass Music
length: 2:35

[Chorus 1: Short Circuit &(Silkk)]
What yall know about mansions wit automatic sun roofs
(Or bein' from tha hood now your in a mansion wit an ocean view)
What yall know about tunnel switches, ammos, & hammers
(What you know about spendin' 2 mill to get out tha slammer)
What yall know about pit fights or ketahs & bears
(Or some thug figgas that's politicin' wit mayors)
What yall know about prowlers, vets, wit no cassettes
(Everythang digital, DVD, what yal know about me)

Now what yall know about Shocker, let me explain somethangs
Tha flow gotta lil' different, let me explain my change
What you know about makin' somethin' happen wit no mail
Or buyin' a condo cause you don't like hotels
Or startin' businesses just to give jobs to ya people
Or flyin' to France cause they make mo' better french food than we do
What you know about duckin' them boys when the comin' ta getcha
Or makin' yo own clothes line
Cause you don't like tha way them otha people clothes fitcha
Or havin' them packages on ya when them people right by ya
An ya name ringin' so much they don't even wanna try ya
If ya understand what I'm sayin' then ya gettin' tha picture
If ya get tha game dat I'm givin' ya then we can all get richer

[Chorus 2: Short Circuit &(Silkk)]
What yall know about dogs trained to come for ya balls
(What you know about real estate dawg like a chain of malls)
What yall know about Hummers wit tha bubbly eyes
(Or some celebrity chick wit yo name tattooed on her thighs)
What yall know about Cadillac trucks & Vipers
(In tha middle of tha hood) doin' what (drag racin' for titles)
What yall know about down south makin' it happen
(What you know about takin' it back to tha streets
When it gets slow in rappin')

Or vacationin' takin' tha whole crew to Maui
A 2 tousand 2 Benz, It's only tha middle of 2 thousand
See I had to lay back & sharpen my aim
Whatn't doin' sometin' right so I had to sharpen my game
They ain't real, they just some good ass rappes
Samuel L. Jackson type of niggas, just good ass actors
What you know about ring side, still watchin' tha fighters
Or jail 3 hots in a cot, surrounded by lifers
What you know about no cash, just credit carded up
Or clappin' yo hands ta open a garage up
Or over seas accounts, just ta putcha back in tha game
Or a charity concert, just ta give back to ya fans

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Silkk talking]
What you know about dat huh? ha ha That's what I thought

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