I Aint Takin No Shorts Lyrics - Silkk the Shocker

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Release Date: 1996-8-20
length: 2:55
[Master P--Talking]
Told y'all
Y'all should of never let No Limit in this m____fucka
Cuz once we get in, we be takin over s___
An we gone off that chop-suy, marinatin
Blowin switches to da world (b____, f___ ya)

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm bout the baddest n____, no doubt
From West to the South, back to ya house
n____ in an out quickly, stick ye for ya whole fifty (Whaaa???)
n____, I'm on b____es, qucikly
n____s can't stick me they tries but they dies
They'll f___ around, I ain't lyin, f___ wit me, you out yo' mind
I'll slap you wit my right hand and I'm still writin wit it
Hands quicker than lightnin but f___ fightin
Bread, ice is why I'm slicin cake
You n____s need to bow down to the street king
from the 3rd Ward (Caliope, hoe)
[Master P:] (Where dat at?) b____ that's it New Orleans
Face like an 8th Grader, ain't the bigga n____, a wind might blow
But while I'm here, a deaf person won't f___ wit me if they don't know
Man, No Limit run this b____ like a marathon
b____, my click is thick, deeper than a whole Southern down baritone
How da f___ y'all gon' fade me?
How da f___ y'all gon' play me?
Thats how we made it, from knockin n____s out
Who try to f___in play me
Y'all think y'all could but y'all can't
Thats money in the bank, how da f___ y'all gon' stop a Tank

I ain't takin no shorts
Whether it be in this rap game or the dope game
b____ I'm still the man

[Silkk the Shocker]
I say hustler, f___ these busters
Who da f___ gon' stop me? None of y'all
b____es be in my face, I gets the gun, run all of y'all
Cuz y'all some tricks
Stop trickin these hoes stop b____in these hoes
Punk a__ n____s be havin d___s
Y'all need to have clicks you punk a__ hoes
I stay posted from sun-down to sun-up, you run up, you get done up
Best believe the spot get hot like summer
Cuz I be the man, look deep into my eyes
b____ y'all get scared by the 6 foot 6 wise guy
Mr. like shoot it out wit the police
Mr. I gives a f___, I gots this D seven-teen 5 a key
Birds, you haven't heard?
I'm from that 3rd, b____ when s___ get bad
I put the dope up my stars on the curb
An start hittin fools, in the dice game
I might man, hit 'em all night man
Cuz I'm all night long gone off that f___in night train
No doubts, I'm in the house, outs the back when the police hit
No doubt they can't catch me, I'm out this b____


I'm the man
I'm the man
I'm the man (Who's the man?)
I'm the man!

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