I Represent Lyrics - Silkk the Shocker

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Release Date: 1996-8-20
length: 4:56
Its time, *****
Where you from?
I represent
Casket ridin *****
**** off

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm from that land of the gun slangers
So I get up early in the morning
an exercise nothin but my gun finger, my one finger
I ain't no big ol' ***** but I still get paid
That's all I need is my trigger finger to squeeze the mack (Bloom!)
I'm layin *****s dead in the bushes
These *****s be comin up short I gives a ****
(What are they?) A bunch of rookies
*****, it's time to go, it's time to flow (It's time to ride)
***** I hit yo' block, it's time to go!
***** I'm from the land where *****s they shoot (Uptown!)
*****s ain't all bout that talkin, we down to do ****
When it's time to ride best believe I'm gon' ride
An if you on the wrong side, it's on, down to die

I represent
I represent
I represent (Where you from *****?)
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent (Bout gettin mine)

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm up early on the dope spot
3rd Ward *****, I stay hard, *****, I do **** (Watch yo' back)
Best believe ***** I stay hard
If I'm in that Bay, ***** its Rich-Town
If down South, *****, the 3rd Ward
I'm best at bein a hustler, I'm all about my mail
Be on the block wit the crack rock, tryin to get most mail
Whole sale if I gots to, chopper close
'cause *****s be tryin to show stop us
But ***** I be some real *****s that's down to ride (TRU!)
A project full of *****s who down to die!
What the ****s next? What the ****s up?
I roll through yo' block *****, an post up
An stand up on yo' set, *****
You step outta line, that's when the Teck's gon' hit ya (Bloom!)
Split yo' *** in half, like a tree
Chop you, an box you down, an smoke you like some *****

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