The Day After Lyrics - Silkk the Shocker

Silkk the Shocker My World, My Way cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-2-27
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Crunk/Bass Music
length: 4:49
f/ Erica Foxx

Silkk talking:
Yo, this for all my people stuck, who ain't gotta choice,I ain't forgot
About yall, I'm comin' back for yall uhn huh, never let 'em tell you
What you can & can't do, look I know they tried to tell me

Growin' up I never really had much
An if I had it was bad, if I ever had luck
An searchin' tryna come up, tryna get a fast buck
Had so many doors I could of ran into but I past up
In tha middle of tha ghetto not knowin' it's bad
He was gone most of tha time, never really knowin' my dad
Seen death at a young age, learned to expect that
Tell me I was never gonna be nothin', I learn to accept that
I only knew life, never knew death til' my grandmother left here
It was confusion not to see her, just see pictures on tha dresser
All I knew was smiles, I never knew what cryin' was
I only knew tha truth, I never knew what lyin' was
I only knew livin', I never knew what dyin' was
I never knew what a funeral & why everybody was cryin' & hugs
Standin' on tha block all night just tryin' to define love
Growin' up in a place where it really wasn't designed for us
I could of been born son of a queen
Instead I was born son of a maid, forced to leave sons kids wit fiends
Never could undestand why they done these things
Why everybody smile when she there, left they become so mean
Until I gre up & realized there was nobody else
You need help you gotta do it yoself(that's real)

Chorus:[Silkk]&(Erica Foxx)
[There's always sunshine after tha rain]
(Hold on, you gota have faith & be strong)
[There's always happiness after tha pain]
(Hold on, just hold on)
[After tha saddiness it's always laughter]
(Hold on, just hold on)
[No matter how bad it might look todat, it's always a day after]
(Hold on, just hold on)
[I know it's tough, sometimes it might be rough]
(Hold on, you gota have faith & be strong)
[No matter how bad it looks always keep yo head up]
(Hold on, just hold on)
[No matter what happen just be strong]
(Hold on, just hold on)
[I know sometimes it feel like you slippin' but just hold on]

I had good memories & bad, tryna hold on to tha good
tuck in tha ghetto yall just tryna see past tha hood
Watchin' my mom come home all tired
Picture we livin' check to check & look she just got fired
ryna be strong don't want tha kids to see her cry
I seen tha reflection thru tha mirror wipin' tears from her eyes
Seen tha lights get cut off, tha water, & plus tha rent due
Must of been some kinda test all tha things we went thru
But I figured they can't stop what's meant to be
An if it's real then we'll make it look eventually
Now look at ya son, now I'm all grown
They said I'd never amount to nothin', look I done proved 'em wrong


Silkk talking & (Erica Foxx singin')
(No matter what's goin' on, you gotta have faith & be strong
No matter what's goin' on, just hold on, just hold on)10x

There's always gonna be sunshine, no matter what happens there's always
Gon' be a way out I know from experience, hold on, everybody hold on
I'm gonna save all my people uhn huh, uhn huh, uhn huh so hold on yall

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