Who Sang Hallelujah? Simon Joyner

Release information
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk
length: 3:47
Hallelujah, I am abandoned.
Hallelujah, I am alone.
Hosannah, Hosannah, you are absent.
You lit out and left me floating on this stone.

If there is a kingdom I can't see it.
Your illumination is soaking in the carpet.
Papa told me death was the enemy,
but You must have though differently.

The patterns of action are not fixed and constant.
'Cause you broke a solid and gave it momentum.
Black newsprint on my fingers turns my yellow stomach.
And they can't wash you off the walls of your apartment.

Your bones are my psalms.
Your blood, the voice.

So go ahead and the let worms move on in.
I've got an echo that'll cause an avalanche.
Liberty is only wallpaper thin.

I never wanted all this knowledge.
I don't need a shell to hear the sea.
So I trampled on tomorrow's flowers
But I sure didn't ask them to fall for me.

Hallelujah, I am grounded.
By the mighty magnet underneath.
Hosannah, Hosannah, I am abandoned.
Hallelujah, my brother is free.

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