Who Sang Friday? Sir Charles Jones

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length: 4:02
This one is dedicated for all the workers that work 9 to 5
Do you want to party
Hey, it’s Friday, let’s party tonight
It’s Friday, and I’m gonna party and get my groove on
It’s Friday, and I’m gonna party till the break of dawn

I did my work this week
And baby I just got paid
Wanna go buy me a fresh pair of gators
With some of this money that I made
Mel Waiters on the radio
Singing about the whiskey
I think I’ll go by the store
To get me a bottle so I can be ready
To get my groove on the dance floor

Mr. Dee Jay, can you play some Marvin Sease
Can you play “Motel Lover”
So I can ask this lady to please take me
I’ve been at work all week and I deserve
To come out and have a good time
I’ve been spending my money on everybody else
Tonight I’m gonna to spend every dime
'Cause it’s Friday!

  • 1 Love Machine
  • 2 Is There Anybody Lonely?
  • 3 Friday
  • 4 Just Can't Let Go
  • 5 Let Me See You Move It
  • 6 Tell Me How You Want It
  • 7 Let's Get It On
  • 8 For Better or for Worse
  • 9 Stop Fooling Around
  • 10 Just Like Fire

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    script: Latin