Romantic Interlude Lyrics - Sir Mix‐A‐Lot

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Release Date: 1988
length: 4:37
You were in the crowd at my party, girl
I did nothing but stare
I looked straight in your eyes and I sing, "Let's do it!"
But you didn't even care, oh girl!

But now we're all alone
And you're looking oh-so-fine
I like to whisper my two things in your ear
And try to blow your mind, baby doll, oh!

Put your head up on my chest
Feel the pounds of my heart
Rest assured once I lay my foundation
We would never fall apart, girl!

These crowds are paths that haunt me at night
Call them romantic dreams
But it's so realistic I toss and I turn
And I wake in a sweaty scream, ah!

A romantic interlude [x5]

While driving I was thinking, as you slept in my lap
I was thinking of the things we could be doing, baby
Back at my flat, you know what I mean? Oh!
The sun was rising, I had driven all night
And be weary at the wheel

I looked down at you while you were sleeping
Your beauty seems so unreal
You open your eyes and said, "Mix-a-Lot's hours of sleep
Because you are on my mind
Why don't you search for my hidden treasure
There's no telling what you'd find"

By this time I was tripping, girl
You're such a tease
But it was love, baby, not a one night stand
You're not a sleaze, girl, oh!

A romantic interlude [x4]

You woke up with a worried look on your face
Something was on your mind
You got out of bed and walked towards the window
And stared through my venetian blinds
You would turn and look at me
As you stood wrapped in lace
I crept up behind you and held you tight
And a tear ran down your face, oh baby!

You said, \"Now you got what you want!
Don't you want to leave?\"
I said before it's love, girl, not a one night stand
You're not a sleaze, ah!

That frown soon turned to a smile!
You realized I was deep
Deep in love in the holistic sample of sophistication
In other words, my freak!

I knew this song's a hard bit too
But the test song's full of grief
Making songs full of heartbreaking regret
It's not my belief, girl
To see your smile is all I want
Your tears I exclude
The next time you see me you crave, whatever!
Romantic interlude

A romantic interlude

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