Who Sang ...Another Night? Six Magics

Six Magics The Secrets Of an Island cover art
Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Power Metal
length: 0:55
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Other sailors arrived at the ship
They are brought in the same way I was
Not only my shoulder is paralysed but also my soul
The tragedy of those days comes to my mind over and over again
I should be dead but the old omen damned me to this eternal life
For my disgrace, as one of them I will fly over the sea... forever.

CD 1
  • 1 The Secrets...
  • 2 Chaos And Fury
  • 3 Rising Of The Island
  • 4 Chiloe, The Creation
  • 5 Endless Waiting
  • 6 Caleuche(The Flying Dutchman)
  • 7 Goddess Of The Seas
  • 8 Cradle Of Sorrow
  • 9 Brutal Sacrilege
  • 10 Trusted Steps In The Forest
  • 11 Trauco (Seed Of Pain)
  • 12 Slave Of The Sky
  • 13 Hopeless Return
  • 14 Frozen Lips In The Night
  • 15 The Basilisk
  • 16 ...Another Night
  • 17 The Secrets Of An Island

  • Release information
    label: Underground Symphony
    format: CD
    script: Latin