Who Sang Outsider? Skarpretter

Release information
Release Date: 2006-4
length: 2:47
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Deep in chaos city, where the people grow cold
Down by the river lives a punk that I know
She's got a leatherjacket and a broken heart
And the souls of her boots are all worn out
But her eyes still light up the urban night
Wild with defiance and bonfire bright
She got the odds against her in a f***** up world
But she'll be all right because she's a punk rock girl
No roots, so what, so what, so what?
She's free to move, while you're stuck in the mud
Rough life, so what, so what, so what?
She choose to burn, and you prefer to rot
When she was young she was forced in school
To learn every single one of their stupid rules
And when she wouldn't sit still and didn't shut up
They told her she'd be sorry when she couldn't get a job
They said: work hard to get nice things:
Fine wine, computers and diamond rings
But she never wanted any of their worthless junk
All she ever wanted was to be a punk!

She's been knocked down, she has felt pain
But she knows it is the world, not her, who's insane
She got hard skinned and tougher than before
and she's got absolutely no illusions any more
no faith in those who bow down and give up
who're slaves to the system, their depths and their jobs
she's got nothing in common with them
not a hope, not a dream, not a g****** thing

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  • Release information
    country(area): Denmark
    format: Vinyl
    script: Latin