Who Sang Welcome to the Family? Skarpretter

Release information
Release Date: 2006-4
length: 2:52
He's got a beer in his hand; he's got boots on his feet
He's got nothing to loose and that is all that he needs
Stuck in a world, he don't want to know
Sixteen years and nowhere to go
He's a little mean, angry and unwashed brat
"f*** the system" written on his back
He moves like an animal, free of its chains
And the fire inside him is barely contained
His parents are religious gits who think he lost his soul
Yeah he's got a bed there, but he prefers the cold
They say he's sick, but they are dead wrong
He's quite sane and he knows where he belong
Punx and misfits whom the system despise'
They'll be your family now, your friends and allies
In the school of life, you've joined the outcasts' faculty
Welcome! To the family!

Don't be fooled, this isn't paradise man
This family is truly a trouble bound clan:
Psychotic aunts and crazy uncles
Fist fights, blue eyes and broken knuckles
To say they're all friends, is a f****** lie
But from time to time they'll be side by side
When the enemy comes with their guns and authority
They'll be taught not to f*** with the family

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  • Release information
    country(area): Denmark
    format: Vinyl
    script: Latin