Who Sang Extras? Skeme

Skeme Ingleworld 3 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-11-13
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:23

Young Duke been Geeked Up..
Muddy Waters in my 3 Cups
Nowadays I don't speak much..
Went and bought a Kilo worth of Go; got it linked up
Yellow Cuban on my neck swang
All my niggas from the F..? (Gang/Game/K?)
Tell a hater: "thats what females do;"
Only Pussy Ass Niggas need a sex change!
I'm the ma'fucking man; what the streets say?
Make a couple hundred grand off a mixtapes!
Still down to kill me a nigga..
Splash off in the Euro, then switch plates
Drill Rider, Sip Drink; while I get paid
Real Niggas Celebrate when my sh#t played
They know the boy came from the same..
Everynight I thank God, that he blessed me with Game!

Nuttin but Real Niggas around me
All of my Niggas is bout it
Water on me like a fountain
These bad bitches.. got me surrounded
I need my Chilli mane, I need my Extras, Extras;
Read All About It
I need my Chilli mane, I need my Extras, Extras;
Read All About It..

Off in this bitch - bossed up
VVS wrist - flossed up
All I Know, is Win bitch;
No Tie Break, No Toss up
I got a short temper, and a top cut
You owe me something, you better cough up
You be thinking, "she on you", but she fall through
And Fuck all Us, what?!
You want a pardon.. what they let you in the event for?
I look at you.. and see more pussy than a strip pole
Sucka niggas; couldn't see me on they tip toes
Came with my dawgs, but I'm leaving with your bitch tho
And my ma'fucking mind on a Long Check
Till I ma'fucking die; know i'm gon Rep
Tell a bitch, "gon let me hit it"
Ima tell her, "Leave her feelings in her pocket
And park it at ??"

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