Who Sang We Against the World Again? Skeme

Skeme Ingleworld 3 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-11-13
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:17

Yeah cannon

[Verse 1]
I tighten up mah ferragamo belt and handle business
Lil nigga don't play with a gangster play with yo kids
Yo bitch wanna fuck em up yo dick or buy you ribs
And pussies gonna get pussy not ever that's how it is
Four side i planted some chips at mah mamma crib
But Who would have imagine a little duke going this big
Got die for my reputation i never ran i never hid
Fucking with me wrong get a hundred shots of such a lead man
That money coming out these niggas playing like they know me
That money comin out these bitches acting like they groupies
I keep mind on that lucci man a nigga like gucci
I got b notes in my wallet only
Only melody they sue me

[Verse 2]
I come from the gutter so the gutter build me
Countin dirty money my palms and thumbs filthy
Laughing at these lil bity niggas who wanna to kill me
Keep it active ama snatch back a trigger make niggas feel me yaaaaahhh
Ain't no emotions from a mogul dog buzzin around the map
While you just trying to make a local dawg
Come and play around with the mail that we goin post to
Only option is get out of my lane or end up oppose to
Niggas mimic all of up mah lingo they got a parrot mouth
All this conversation from haters is what i don't care about
Nigaas love talking tough until we find they wareabouts
Pull up on yo spot with them youngers and let them air it out
Walkin in the ring with the king bet you getting carried out
First round KOs killers move when i say so

[Verse 3]
All this paper routines there's no way i can lay low
Wake up to a cup and syrup you keep the egg oos
Am i m inglewood nigga with an attitude down to clap at a you
Work appear and disappear my trap magical
Cut out all the funs for the fans that's what i had to do
Friends turn foes in a minute that's what the cash will do
I stop writing i said fuck it i went off the grid
Mah dawg fitin twenty to life and just tryin to live
Fuck all these players we be spraying you niggas get the best
Ingleworld 3 on ceilos a nigga shooting trips

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    label: [no label]
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin