Who Sang Shred of Light, Pinch of Endless? Skepticism

Skepticism Farmakon cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Rock
Style: Doom Metal
length: 8:20
vocal: Matti Tilaeus
guitar: Jani Kekarainen
keyboard: Eero Pöyry
drums (drum set): Lasse Pelkonen
composer: Skepticism
lyricist: Skepticism
there is a crack in the pressure

these shreds of light
just a rope around my neck
there days of hope
a blade on my throat

these signs of dawn
just a route to my dusk
these bounds that broke
a prelude to my drowning

this pinch of endless
just a fragment of the forthcoming
these hint of life
just a gateway to oblivion

CD 1
  • 1 The Raven and the Backward Funeral
  • 2 Shred of Light, Pinch of Endless
  • 3 Farmakon Process
  • 4 [untitled]
  • 5 Nowhere
  • 6 Nothing