Slapshot - Fuck New York 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2005
ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Hardcore/Punk
length: 3:20

Start spreading the news, because it's in your face
I guess if you like the smell of piss, it's the perfect place
The city that never sleeps, is the city I wish would die
But two planes later and you're still there, keep looking at the sky
F**k the Yankees
F**k the Mets
F**k the Jets - F**k New York!
F**k Giuliani
F**k Woody Allen
F**k CBGB's - F**k New York!
F**k Seinfeld
F**k Famous Rays
F**k Times Square - F**k New York!
F**k the Upper West Side
F**k the Lower East Side
F**k Broadway - F**k New York!
Turn on my TV and New York is everywhere
This city filled with shit, it is poisoning the air
Dirty scumbags begging change and litter in the street
The smell of trash, roasted nuts and homeless in the heat
F**k Central Park
F**k the port authority
F**k Grand Central - F**k New York!
F**k Soho
F**k Wall Street
F**k Battery Park - F**k New York!
F**k the Giants
F**k the Rangers

F**k Madison Square - F**k New York!
F**k Spanish Harlem
F**k the U.N
F**k Greenwich Village - F**k New York!
F**k the Brooklyn Bridge
F**k the Holland Tunnel
F**k the FDR Drive - F**k New York!
F**k the Empire State
F**k the Chrysler
F**k Joe Torre - F**k New York!
F**k Radio City
F**k Lincoln Center
F**k St. Patrick's - F**k New York!
F**k Hell's Kitchen
F**k NYU
F**k Washington Square - F**k New York!
F**k Park Avenue
F**k MTV
F**k Madison Ave - F**k New York!
F**k Edward Koch
F**k Andy Warhol
Sex In The City - F**k New York!
F**k Staten Island
F**k Queens
F**k the Bronx Zoo
Go f**k Brooklyn
And while we're at it, f**k Long Island too!

CD 1
  • 1 Relight the Fire
  • 2 Fuck New York
  • 3 Terrorized
  • 4 Rap Sucks
  • 5 Tear It Down
  • 6 Spread the Fear
  • 7 Hardcore Rules