Who Sang Silence? Slapshot

Slapshot Greatest Hits, Slashes And Crosschecks cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-11-26
length: 2:29
I want to know, what do you believe
I want to say but can I speak my mind
But you're gonna leave no matter what I say
Could you be real for once in your life

Silence is the weapon you use on me
Silence I never take my own advice
Silence should have gotten out when I could
Silence and now I pay the price

I want to know when did you have the time
I want to know does the punishment fit the crime
I'd like a chance but the plea has been denied
Break the silence there's no turning back

Silence is the weapon you use on me
Silence another page in your history
Silence did I have a chance
Silence or was it made for me

Once again, love takes a turn for the worst
I'll be O.K. it isn't the first
She just decided she'd rather be friends
That's O.K. I'll just do it again and again and again

CD 1
  • 1 Crossover
  • 2 Shoot Charlton Heston
  • 3 Firewalker
  • 4 Chip on My Shoulder
  • 5 Say Goodbye
  • 6 What's at Stake
  • 7 Had Enough
  • 8 Punk's Dead, You're Next
  • 9 Day My Thoughts
  • 10 Back on the Map
  • 11 Step on It
  • 12 No Time Left
  • 13 No Friend of Mine
  • 14 Hang Up Your Boots
  • 15 In Your Face
  • 16 Another Mistake
  • 17 Watch Me Bleed
  • 18 Loser
  • 19 Secrets
  • 20 16 Valve Hate
  • 21 Oldtyme Hardcore
  • 22 Silence