Who Sang Here I Confess? Sleepthief feat. Joanna Stevens

Joanna Stevens Labyrinthine Heart cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-8-31
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo/Ambient
length: 4:26

Walking out through the door
You turn to smile once more
Will you feel my love when you're alone?
In a war zone far from home?

Here I confess
I may be falling down
May break
And here I'm ashamed to wish you could run
Could hide 'til peace comes

There's so much that we share
Our secrets and all our fears
I'm afraid the war will change
What we have here

Now that our journey is apart
How different our days will be
What will you see that you can't tell me?

Here am I
Holding on to love
More than life
But here-here we are saying goodbye
Not forever I hope
Tell me, what will I do without you?

I'm strong, I'll bear it all
But alone, even the bravest of hearts can fall
Faith will be tested and the truth will be denied
Yet after all, fate will decide...

Here I will stay all of my life
I'll wait for your kiss and your smile
And here, I'll believe I'm in your arms
Pulling you closer to me

CD 1
  • 1 Here I Confess
  • 2 World Gone Crazy
  • 3 Skimming Stones (reprise)
  • 4 Labyrinthine Heart
  • 5 A Kind of Magic
  • 6 A Cut From the Fight
  • 7 Rainy World
  • 8 Ariadne the Dividing Sea
  • 9 Reason Why
  • 10 Fire King
  • 11 Reversals
  • 12 I Know There's Something Going On