Who Sang Piece of tha Pie? Slimm Calhoun feat. Chamdon

Chamdon The Skinny cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-4-10
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: Gangsta/Conscious/RnB/Swing

[Hook: repeat 2x]
You roll deep, creep and get high
Roll without your heat, sleep and you die
Cause everybody wants a piece of tha pie
Only one life to live, only one life to live

I kick it with big money niggas, big heat gunners
2-4-7 street runners, slick talking stunners
Niggas who'll melt your ice, and snatch your wife
Take your life, all for a price, that's right
See the grind been real, what's a hustler without steele?
That's like a rapper wit' no deal
A millionaire wit' no scrill
Simple niggas stay small time, nickel and dime
And I gotta have it all if i'm comitting the crime
Otherwise hustlin' just ain't worth mine
It's an all out grind baby, it's an all out grind

Still on the grind, all out on a mission for mines
O.G.'s knocking fed time i'm still chasing da shine
Nineteen living a dream marine green, pearl all white guts
Living my life like what, wit' sixty sacks in my nuts
I slang lyrics like P's and keys for G's of course
And won't go hoarse, spit hot hits like sauce
I come across, make you and your boss get loss
Now tell me this, don't want to fuck with two Scorpios and a Sagittarius
Fully equipped wit' a stinga, red beama
Accurately take you and your whole teama


Yeah, only onelife to live, so I live itlike it love it
Don't owe a nigga shit so small talk I stay above it
When you see on da streets
I maybe lay back in a zone
Only business on my mind
Planning to buy a yacht and a home
So to anybody having any itty bitty objections
The world's contrast, nigga just stay to your selection

I gotta passion for getting currency
I keep my eye on the coin at all time
Oh these chips trying to make them all mines
So if the price of stock drop I got enough to re-cop
Never do we rock, see we stock
Beat rap to tracks 'till the coco bubble and pop
From soft to hard that's how the cookie get dropped
An all out grinder stays on top so believe me
We stay cheesy, you can ask Cool Breeze how his partnas in the CP play
Me and ChamDon doin' it the G way
Jumped the 500 scudded, these broads got game so they gonna run it
First thang I saw was a three-piece
Thinking damn we three deep, got my eye on miss petite
Headed to the Calhoun suites wit' these treats
You know around the corner from Jesse Draper
Where I pulled my first paper caper
All my niggas about grinding, but never small time in
That's how the southside stay shining, stay shining!

[Repeat Hook untill song fades out]

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Red Clay
  • 3 This Young G
  • 4 Well
  • 5 Timelock
  • 6 It Ain't Easy (Backbone)
  • 7 Dirt Work
  • 8 It's OK
  • 9 The Skinny
  • 10 The Cut Song
  • 11 All Da Hustlers
  • 12 Lil' Buddy (Til Death Do Us Part)
  • 13 Characters
  • 14 Worldly Ways
  • 15 On Tha Grind
  • 16 How Much Can I
  • 17 Piece of tha Pie

  • Release information
    label: Elektra
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 075596252027
    script: Latin