Who Sang Ordinary Life? Smashproof

Release information
Release Date: 2009-3-23
length: 7:54
producer: Twice as Nice
vocal: Young Sid and Tyree
mixer: Jeremy Ball
horn: Tim Stewart
choir vocals: Sam Cowley-Lupo and Mz J
bass guitar: Chip Matthews
additional other vocals: Robbie Magasiva
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Lord knows the struggle and he knows I try
I wont let nothing ever stop my shine
I know there's something better in the store for me
Than this ordinary life that i lead
and as i raise my head to the sky
I know sometimes I gotta swallow my pride
Lord I know it just wasn't meant to be
This ordinary life that i lead

Imagine living on a mountain next door to the sky
Overlooking the tree tops watching the birds fly
View of a lakes that will glisten the night when the moon shine
Imagine what that life will be like, no more hardship and drama
Just comfort and wealth no colds and flu for you all live with inifite health
No reason for tears blood sweat and every thing else that comes with it for you all with it with no reason to dealt back to reality back to an unsatisfied salary the day to day struggle that my fam suffer up badly and when it seems like he gives really gradually a casualty will take place these are people unhappy man but still i move forward hoping for better things and that one day I'll live it instead of imagining my neck picks it up my head to the clouds my feet on the ground, come and talk to me


Back to my life back to my job back to the slavehouse working from 9 to 5 Back to reality and no it ain't music back to the dramas the same old bullshit the same old chores taking toes on my working hand but
Lord knows I ain't no factory working man
feel like my old man trying to support a family and
mad at the world cause the world don't understand me
Cause everyday hope and I pray for the right cause and
Even my when life gets harder I got God
And I'm feeling so much pressure on my shoulders, I'm crushing up
And all the hatred in my direction but I'm able to carry on
I know I ain't perfect but you know I got to try for all the blood, sweat and tears my pop's sacrificed
My tilted up my face to the clouds my feet on the ground I'm talking to the Lord


Everyday I wake up I'm frustrated it hurts not looking forward to a morning at work
Its like I'm glued to my mattress why I cant get out of bed at 6AM alarm's doing my head in I swallow my pride
Feel like I'm tied up in a knot like I'm walking on a treadmill still in the same spot
9 to 5 minimum wage is definitely not for me
I don't even like to see the amount of stress on my shoulders, I'm only a man So I take it out on the gym and press as much as I can
I swear if this is life for me I don't want to live it, I know there's more in store for me than this f***ed up prison
The truth is i made a promise to my fam that's why i have to carry the torch like Cathy Freeman
My head tilted up my face to the clouds my feet on the ground I'm talking to the Lord


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    label: iTunes Store
    country(area): New Zealand
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin