Who Sang Helping Hand? Smiley Kids

Release information
Release Date: 1999
length: 3:46
Beaten and thrown away.
Scared of the next day.
Waiting for more pain.
He lived His life that way,
He suffered and He died for us.
Now happy is the one who can
persevere and have
faith, love and hope.

Help someone out, do something for
someone else, And be happy you don't
have to live a life of hate. Love
someone, 'cause love is life and God
is love, ya. Live free from hate.

There are people out there who are
living unaware That they don't have
to fight and they don't have to cry
Just open up your heart and when
you see the truth,
When your heart has been set free
will you share your love with me?

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Jesus Is My Shrink
  • 3 Frowney Clowney
  • 4 Fill the Gaps (Foundation)
  • 5 Plants Are Dying
  • 6 Love Your Enemies
  • 7 Bomb the Hill
  • 8 Guard Your Heart
  • 9 Score Goals Not Drugs
  • 10 Alameda Hill
  • 11 Army of Light
  • 12 Always O.K.
  • 13 Pottymouth
  • 14 Useless
  • 15 Imitation Cross
  • 16 Helping Hand