Who Sang Score Goals Not Drugs? Smiley Kids

Release information
Release Date: 1999
length: 2:58
These plans and dreams will always get us by.
We wish for happiness, couldn't ask for more

We try so hard just to be our best, when time goes by
We'll always know that we spent our days glorifying God.

That's the goal I'm aiming for,
Better days, better ways to have fun.
That's the goal I'm aiming for,
Better ways, better ways to praise God.

I dream of days of peace and love.
Way up there with the pretty doves,
Flying high, of course without drugs.
A sane mind, a safe line, no more hate,
Envy, or strife, I want to get along with everyone.
Jehovah God, thy will be done!

Living in a world where everything is perfect.
That's how it will be.
I can be as cheezy as I want to be,
And no one will make fun of me.

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Jesus Is My Shrink
  • 3 Frowney Clowney
  • 4 Fill the Gaps (Foundation)
  • 5 Plants Are Dying
  • 6 Love Your Enemies
  • 7 Bomb the Hill
  • 8 Guard Your Heart
  • 9 Score Goals Not Drugs
  • 10 Alameda Hill
  • 11 Army of Light
  • 12 Always O.K.
  • 13 Pottymouth
  • 14 Useless
  • 15 Imitation Cross
  • 16 Helping Hand