Save Me Lyrics - The Miracles

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Release Date: 1966-11
length: 2:24
Now I’ve cried a river, since the day you said goodbye
Mhmm, and if you don't come back, I'm going to drown in the tears I cry, mhmm

Save me (save me)
Save me (save me)
Come on and save me (ooh save me)
I need you so

Like falling off a mountain slope, I'm sinking down so fast (down so fast)
Clinging to a twig of hope, that this separation won't last

Save me, (save me, save me)
Why don't you save me? (save me, save me)
It’s up to you to save me baby (save me)
I need you so
Ooh, yeah, yeah

Hmm, without you here beside me, I'm only half alive
Hmm, stay away from me any longer and I can't survive, oh ho

Oh, save me (save me, save me)
Why don’t you save me (save me, save me)
Only you can save me baby (oh save me)
I need you so
I’m asking you to save me (save me)
I need you so
Only you can save me, yeah (save me)
I need you so
Oh, save me, save me, save me

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