Who Sang Give? Society 1

Society 1 Slacker Jesus cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-5-4
Genre: Rock
Style: Nu Metal
length: 2:51
Ground the things you see down to the 't"
Do what your told your not to bold
Soul is what's sold, heart is so cold
Keep what is not real, sell the cheapened deal
Keep what is not real it seems to be a steal
Now you are done now have some fun
Now you are done in shock from the stun!

Give all the things that get all the silence through
Give all the things that make us believe in you
Turn on the sounds that lead us into the ground
Make all those things today!

Burn all the land that makes you come demand
Turn all the sand you will always command
Break all the gates that will not contemplate
Make all those things today!

I've tried for far to long, I've tried to be to strong
I've tried for far to long it's written in my song
Oh why cant it be simple pure and clean?
Oh why can't it be something we could of seen?
Something simple to see not hidden underneath
Something easy to clean, something that's not to mean
Instead of all this hate, it will not contemplate
A God given fate, who can relate!

I can not through my pain
I can not get through it

CD 1
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  • 2 Slacker Jesus
  • 3 Let's do It
  • 4 Wretched
  • 5 Give
  • 6 Immortal Facade
  • 7 Look at Your Life
  • 8 Push It Through
  • 9 So It Dies
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  • 11 Help Me
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