Who Sang Immortal Facade? Society 1

Society 1 Slacker Jesus cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-5-4
Genre: Rock
Style: Nu Metal
length: 2:37
In the span of all the time and the length
People worth nothing but lured bate- fate- hate
So now I'm in control you are the ones that could be told
How to live and then how to relate to all the things that I shall create

Yes I did say nothing
You didn't listen,you didn't listen
Yes I did say nothing

Never ever hear again
You'll always be my very best standing friend
Always look me dead into the face hiding all the things we don't to trace
But look at all that he's done, but the money,the money is more fun
Now notice what I've become
God has given, given us a new son

I could of been what you could never be
I could have shown what you could never see
But now you've got, but now you've got a god
Flesh is the body, immortal great facade

Immortal great facade

CD 1
  • 1 Get My Back
  • 2 Slacker Jesus
  • 3 Let's do It
  • 4 Wretched
  • 5 Give
  • 6 Immortal Facade
  • 7 Look at Your Life
  • 8 Push It Through
  • 9 So It Dies
  • 10 Fuck You
  • 11 Help Me
  • 12 Thinking Is the Link
  • 13 Living
  • 14 Struggle Free