Who Sang So It Dies? Society 1

Society 1 Slacker Jesus cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-5-4
Genre: Rock
Style: Nu Metal
length: 3:50
It just doesn't seem to go away
Nothing to do, nothing to do
Push it through, push it through, push it through
So what, so what, if you got a deal, so what
Is it real? Does it have the mass appeal? So what
I can not understand why it does not go away
So what, I push it through another day

So it dies
So it dies
So it dies too, the one that stopped you

So you've got something to say, you think?
Well you thought and now you act upon it oh shit!
Here it comes self centered ego trip
I am god, you are not, don't stop, worship this shit
Get down, get down, get down on your knees please
Self righteous little boy it's all about your needs, yes?
Am I wrong should I stop this song?
Never talked this strong, its just that's it been going on for far to long

I do not speak of myself yet I just speak of who I am
Now I guess your going to have to figure out all of the things that I just....fuck me...

So it Dies

CD 1
  • 1 Get My Back
  • 2 Slacker Jesus
  • 3 Let's do It
  • 4 Wretched
  • 5 Give
  • 6 Immortal Facade
  • 7 Look at Your Life
  • 8 Push It Through
  • 9 So It Dies
  • 10 Fuck You
  • 11 Help Me
  • 12 Thinking Is the Link
  • 13 Living
  • 14 Struggle Free