Who Sang I Understand? Sofia Loell

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length: 3:55
Take a little time to cool your mind
There's a lot of sadness there
Everybody gets into trouble sometimes
And need some time alone
Memories aren't always good they can
Steal your peace also
And if you need some time alone - I understand

I can see tears in your eyes but
You won't cry in front of me
Well, I can't share the pain
That you don't want me to see
Living is the hardest thing
Still it's worth the doing
But if you need to sort you out - I understand

Leave me alone is what your eyes tells me
But I won't just desert you when you need me as most
If you need to get through this alone
Please don't shut me out, I love you - I understand

Oh deep inside your eyes I seethe child
That you once were
Tell me please what keeps the key to your
So hard tied up soul
Baby let me help you, let me please come close to you
And if you need to sort you out - I understand

Leave me alone...

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