Who Sang Right Up Your Face? Sofia Loell

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length: 4:28
You're like my angel fly away, you're like a mountain in my way
Your like my reason to be dead that's what I said (to you)

Right up your face [Repeat: x 2]
I walked around my whole life waiting for Mr. Right
I was suppose to know him momently, he might
Be that boy round the corner to my house or the
Flower boy from the shop next door, or maybe that
Stranger down the street one block, the key to my unlock

So I turned, and I burned the memories of my last life, old pieces of myself
And then I promised, I'll never be back again I can
Do a lot better then what I've done before
There's nothing to stop me cause I want more

Only one moment gone before they last took place
Inside my head those fantasies my mind embrace
Like a hug from a person that I care for
A bit sensitive and therefore I pull
Back inside my shell once more, must find the way out door

So I turned....
I'm running away from my old hell
Escaping from a possessed cell of dark and death
(aaaa)I no longer feel shocked from disrespect
All my hate is gone and that's a fact for you - Right up your face....

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