The Bend Lyrics - Solomon Burke & De Dijk

Release information
Release Date: 2010-9-30
producer: Huub van der Lubbe and Antonie Broek
vocal: Solomon Burke
writer: Hans van der Lubbe, Solomon Burke, Huub van der Lubbe, Wouter Planteijdt
It ain't the gamble, it's the chance
It's the road, it's not the map
It's not the answer, it's the asking
It's the catch, it's not the trap

It's the joy and not the cheering
It's the key and not the lock
It ain't solving, it's the riddle
Not the store but what's in stock
It ain't you, it's who you love
It is time, it's not the clock

I see your eyes and not your looks
Not the squeezing but the juice
It's the hole, it's not the digging
It's the truth, it's not the news

It's not living, it is life
The meaning and not the end
It's the cut, it ain't the knife
It's you're home, it ain't the rent
It ain't speeding, it is driving
Not the white lines but the bend
Not the white lines but the bend

It's expression, it ain't cashing
It's the breeze and not the trees
It's the cause and not the bashing
It's a smile and not the cheese

It ain't liquor, it's the drinking
It's not the figure, it's the count
It's the floating not the swimming
It's not where you are but where you're bound
To know instead of thinking
It's your heart and it's the sound
In your heart it's the sound

It ain't the buzz, it's inspiration
It's the secret not the hype
Build-up, not demolition
It's the person not the type
No fulfillment, it is hoping
Taking part not being best
It is tasting, not toping
It's not the case but the test
Not struggling but coping
It's not the grail but it's the quest
Not the grail, it's the quest
The Bend

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