Who Sang Angel? Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom Spectrum cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock/Indie Rock/Experimental/Ambient
length: 7:53
producer: Sonic Boom
mixer: Sonic Boom
engineer: Paul Adkins
co-producer: Will Carruthers
My mother told me there's an angel, who watches us through
Our life, who guides us through the darknes, until
We reach the light, but no matter how I sit and think
And Lord know I tried, but where was the guardian angel on the day my best friend died
Well I heard that there's an afterlife, I heard
Life is just for dying I heard that fear is a man's
Best friend and I heard his family crying, I
Heard I said, I say, I thought but Lord you know
I tried, but where whas the guardian angel
On the day my best friend died
Well, well I guess, these things have got to
So listen sweet Lord plpease forgive him his
Sin, cos he couldn't stand his life
Without sweet, sweet heroin

What could I do but care
What could I do

CD 1
  • 1 Help Me Please
  • 2 Lonely Avenue
  • 3 Angel
  • 4 Rock 'n' Roll Is Killing My Life
  • 5 You're the One
  • 6 Pretty Baby
  • 7 If I Should Die