Who Sang Edges? Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth SYR 4: Goodbye 20th Century cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-11-16
length: 16:04
composer: Christian Wolff
You go to my head.......

Mention of you.......

The very mention of you........

You go to my head........

Yeah, that's right now...


Okay, okay, I'm sorry...
I did go in there
And I did eat their porridge
And I sat in the chairs
The three chairs
And um, I did break a chair
And um, then I...
I went upstairs, I was feeling really tired
And there are these three beds there
And I laid down on one bed and it was too high
It was just too high...
So then, I um, you know, this ain't a big deal
I went and I laid in the middle-sized bed
And it was too soft
And I was so tired
And I got up and I went to the little bed
And I laid down
And you know it was just right...
And you know, I just fell asleep
And uh...
I'm sleeping
And then, like, suddenly
Somebody wakes me up
And they say "what are you doing in my bed?"
And I just got up and... I...
I just bolted
You know...
It just wasn't cool to say that
And I went to the forest so fast
And I never think back

CD 1
  • 1 Edges
  • 2 Six (3rd take)
  • 3 Six for New Time
  • 4 +-
  • 5 Voice Piece for Soprano
  • 6 Pendulum Music
    CD 2
  • 1 Having Never Written a Note for Percussion
  • 2 Six (4th take)
  • 3 Burdocks
  • 4 Four⁶
  • 5 Piano Piece #13 (Carpenter’s Piece)
  • 6 Pièce enfantine
  • 7 Treatise