Who Sang Monday? Sonny & Cher

Release information
Release Date: 1967
length: 2:55
producer: Sonny Bono
conductor: Harold Battiste
engineer: Stan Ross
Monday knows what it's all about
She's the kind of girl that can do without
She was mature at sixteen years
She grew up fast she was raised on tears
Do do do do- do do do do

Her ma was wind and her pa was rain
She made her home in an empty train
Her clothes were patched
And shoes were worn
She played with the sun
And fought with the storm
Do do do do- do do do do

She bought a book and learned to read
So no one could learnt what she heard
She even ate a hershey bar
To make her kisses sweeter
Do do do do- do do do do

She wonder by night
When the sun was disarray
Cause every one notice her in the day
She wrote in her book
That a flower is good
But why is a weed so misunderstood
Do do do do- do do do do

She learned how to sing
And she learned how to pray
She learned it all in one short day
But she never learned black from white
She never even learn how to fight
Do do do do- do do do do
Do do do do- do do do do
Do do do do- do do do do

  • 1 The Beat Goes On
  • 2 Groovy Kind of Love
  • 3 You Baby
  • 4 Monday
  • 5 Love Don't Come
  • 6 Podfunk
  • 7 Little Man
  • 8 We'll Sing in the Sunshine
  • 9 Misty Roses
  • 10 Stand by Me
  • 11 Living for You
  • 12 Cheryl's Goin' Home

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin