Who Sang 22? Sophe Lux

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length: 2:46

That year at the house of the
Marquees de Sade
The mistral winds blew
At record breaking speeds
Mother nature screamed her lungs out
Turning the earth inside out
'till the demons came, pouring forth
From her dusty womb

The nature spirits came to me
Grotesque and beautiful
Arms outstretched
They seemed hungry to teach me
And I ecstatically awaited
To awaken from the dream

Oh was it these winds
Which first guided me
Guided me to your door
And was it these winds which kept
Me coming back for more
By by a simple stone fire we'd stay up
Till dawn in your crimson room
Talking about alchemy and songs
Of change sung in the wind

They say that sorrow is knowledge
And those who mourn the most
Must know the most over the fatal truth
That the tree of knowledge
Is not that of life
So won't you won't you be my wife
Oh if I could take a knife
I'd cut out all the lies in your life

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