Who Sang Forced Repression? Sorrow

Release information
Release Date: 1992-10-6
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Doom Metal
length: 6:20
Anger and bitterness growing
I'm not always feeling this way
But as time's end draws closer
Pain's a larger percentage of the day
To seek an answer for my grief
I must realize from the start
I'm trying to feel compassion
For a species with no heart
Misunderstood, I've tried to be good
But You think You all know me
Unknown to You, all that I do
Has meaning You probably can't see
Judged by looks, when You are the crooks
Because You steal my emotions
Within my state, there exists much hate
Forced into me by Your notions
Undetected sadness, my worst enemy
Forces tears, nobody sees
You leave me no choice
But to despise all Your worth
You cause my pain
Never will I give in

CD 1
  • 1 Insatiable
  • 2 Forced Repression
  • 3 Illusion of Freedom
  • 4 Human Error
  • 5 Separative Adjectives
  • 6 Unjustified Reluctance