Who Sang Illusion of Freedom? Sorrow

Release information
Release Date: 1992-10-6
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Doom Metal
length: 4:52
writer: Mike Hymson, Andy Marchione
Fools! Stop waving Your flag
And clean the **** off Your glasses
Freedom of speech, a government lie
To calm and quiet the masses
Freedom of speech exists
If what You say is accepted by the majority
One will quickly lose
That right when they are part of the minority
All popular artists are the same
This is no coincidence
Maybe the public would not respond to
That is an incorrect inference
People with money and power are blessed
But they can fund and promote
Subversive ideas they have intentionally
To insure the safety of status quo
If one's ideas pose no threat
They are the ones to succeed
Monetary backing they will get
By the claws of corporate greed
True freedom of speech
Occurs when all ideas
Are given equal viewing
To the general public
Censor art
Suppress reflection of society
Censor thought

CD 1
  • 1 Insatiable
  • 2 Forced Repression
  • 3 Illusion of Freedom
  • 4 Human Error
  • 5 Separative Adjectives
  • 6 Unjustified Reluctance