Who Sang Insatiable? Sorrow

Release information
Release Date: 1992-10-6
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Doom Metal
length: 6:34
A humans thirst can never be quenched
Too much is never enough
Due to humans weak mind
Resistance is unbearably tough
Humans can not suppress their primal urges
Even in order to preserve their existence
In this enlightened age
Humans know what behaviour is safe
And what will lead to their own demise
The public ignores the facts
Instead they blame the scapegoats
To rationalize their acts
Putting Your life in someone's hands
The ultimate in naivete
Why would one be so trusting?
Why could You be so stupid?
Another's reassurance of safety
Supplies you with false security
Since the beginning of time
Humans have altered their sanity
First an occasional diversion
Then a constant necessity
You need chemicals to live
Chemicals need you to kill
The risk of one's actions
Can be greately reduced
Make a decision
Inconvenience or death
Govern Your life by intellect
Not by instinct

CD 1
  • 1 Insatiable
  • 2 Forced Repression
  • 3 Illusion of Freedom
  • 4 Human Error
  • 5 Separative Adjectives
  • 6 Unjustified Reluctance