Anything Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 2:35

[Hook x2]
Do me anything, not anything but do your thing
You heard me, I'ma serve you and you serve me

[Verse 1: Soulja Slim]
Like a waiter cause I'm the [?]
Get freaky with you like when the [?] your picture
[?] spot, get you hot as a volcano
[?] you know exactly how the game go
I'm obsessed with you, I just wanna [?] that ass
Give me one chance, I promise that I won't let you pass
I'm a act bad like I just come from doing a five year [?]
[?] when you walk see the smoke
[?] up close, baby choke
I been having wet dreams of knocking you down when I was locked down
[?] and doing the wet with you
[?] Soulja Slim
Do what we want, do any damn thing

[Hook x3]

[Verse 2: Mia X]
[?] it's time to set the mood
Cause you ain't ready for the things I'm bout to do to you
You say you've been around the world and had a ton of girls
If you ain't never had this cock, you ain't been up the block, son
It's time to separate the pros from the hoes
And I'm the [?] hoe that's gon curl the toes
Keep your nose wide open, just give me one [?]
And for the rest of your life, take time past life
Look for me, biggest momma with the [?] thighs
Who spreads 'em wide like 2-45
I don't cry, I take it all night yo
Suck on that thing, keep me cumming, blood
Hump inside my sugar walls
I flex them keegle muscles and make your knees buckle
Now [?] just trying to love my pussy tricks
Because they know I [?] long line of strong dicks
I'm the fix that you need when you settle down
Got you huffing and puffing and beating niggas down
But chill out, we gonna get it on like [?]
I wanna hear you scream, do anything to me


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