Bossman Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Release information
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:05

Ima do this for the Bossman
This one here for the Bossman

[Verse 1]
Flash yo presidents and presidentials unique skills to
Use yo mouth to introduce my mental
Keep it real Soulja Slim you comin platinum baby
Now they hating cause No Limits what been poppin lately
Hold it strictly with intention to unload the clip
They parasites just snatching green and watching blood drip
So be careful for all these snitches and these scandalous hoes
Protect your treasure with your Glock, move on your tip toes
Fatal blows up the nose be comin rapidly
It be Supreme when you roll it off that sesame
Just set it off from New Orleans to the soviet union
You got the key, unlock the recipe that you been using
They got me [?] in this state penitentiary
For moving weight, judge hating on my chemistry
See I'm a known drug dealer bossman superior
I push the black double R with the beige interior
They stop my shine but won't you take care of my business for me
I got my time but still take care of that witness for me
I hate snitches, I can't stand to see them bitches breathe
Put 'em in a casket and be laughing as they family grieve
Do that for the Bossman

Nigga I got you, got you
I'ma do that for the Bossman

[Verse 2]
Look, Real niggas do real things, like keep it real
If I fuck with you nigga, I'll die and i'll kill
My last conversation with the Bossman
And his last words was give them snitches that ratted on me, what they deserve
Told him I do it for him on gp, cause he my nigga ain't a damn thang halfway about me it gets no trilla

I got love for you, I go all out my way
I thug for you
Even though I'm Soulja'd down all day my SK is fully fully
And that's what I ride with, folded stock on the side it
Shhh and I'm solid
You can't find too many niggas like me on your team
No matter how bad shit seems im wit ya right or wrong, crackin spleens, for the fuck of it, lettin these niggas know who they fuckin wit, the real lovin me they made it platinum better ask em who got the industry on lockdown straight facts and that soulja type, wild magnolia type, show you right you'll die tryna live my life all i have in this world is my nutsacks and my words im bout that action so I use verbs when i throw slurs huh done that for the bossman


  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Get Cha Mind Right
  • 3 Make It Bounce
  • 4 Soulja 4 Life
  • 5 I'm a Fool
  • 6 Gun Smoke
  • 7 Make It Happen
  • 8 Slim Pimpin'
  • 9 Bout Dis Shit
  • 10 Smoked Out
  • 11 Talk Now
  • 12 Bossman
  • 13 Let It Go
  • 14 Skit
  • 15 That's My Hoe
  • 16 Straight 2 the Dance Floor
  • 17 Ya Heard Me
  • 18 What You Came Fo
  • 19 My Jacket
  • 20 Where They At
  • 21 Can't Touch Us