Bout Dis Shit Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Release information
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:44
[Soulja Slim]
Let me lock this muthafucka down, ya understand what I'm sayin', nigga
Fuck wrong wit you

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I talk dis shit cause I'm bout dis shit
Ain't noway I can run, noway out dis shit
I breathe dis shit cause it's all up in the air
Before my casket drop put my pistol up in there

[Soulja Slim]
I talk dis shit & I stomp my feet
Cause I'm a street nigga from the U-P-T
I keep my heat & don't squash no beef
They say I wouldn't see 20 but now I'm 23
Bout to be 24 wit a brand new Escalade
An a Deville park in my front driveway
My girl push the pedal to the flo' in a 2G Tahoe
When we floss we ride slow & blow behind tinted windows
Laughin' at these niggas frontin' up in the luxury rentals
They screamin' soulja dis & the screamin' soulja dat
But Soulja don't play no games I'll put yo head on a flat
Ain't to much changed about me still the same from way back
89' goin' into 90' had the game down pat
Momma couldn't find me, ya baby boy flippin' crack
Flippin' dimes, flippin' twenty's tryna come up
Got me a duece five for the jackers runnin' up
Ready to bust & drop my nuts, don't give a fuck


[Soulja Slim]
I smoke to much til' I be bout to fall out
Fuckin' wit Snoop Dogg off in the Dogg House
Since I balls outta control, balls outta control
Dem laws outta control, dem laws outta control
They actin' like ridin' on chrome is a crime,
That's why I play the factory, so the won't be hackin' me
Had enough of ridin' in a 2G hot, wit a glock an a beamer on top
Wit a vest on, T-shirt made teflon
Fellin' like Spice-1, "wouldn't look to pretty wit my chest gone"
Cause nigga don't play in the city of choppers
Most niggas get they shit split behind money & poppers
Wit air max on, prop top, & nigga boxers
You niggas better get yall fuckin' mind right


[Soulja Slim]
Straight like dat, for the fuckin' 2G ya nigga
These niggas get in this muthafuckin' studio & be, man I
Say brah these niggas got me so fuckin' mad wit 'em brah
I ain't liein' brah ya understand what I'm sayin'
But I ain't gonna hate 'em though ya understand what I'm sayin' ya dig
But guess what it's real over here, I say it's real over here
No Limit 4 Life the shit don't stop ya understand what I'm sayin'
An the glock stay cocked ya understand, nigga know what's happ'n wit me
A nigga betta kill see what I'm sayin' that's what a nigga betta do
Ya understand what I'm sayin'
Straight like dat 2-0-1 this is my year, nigga

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