Get Cha Mind Right Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Release information
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:46
f/ Black Felon, X-Conn

Ya talkin' that shit bitch nigga
Wusup, wusup , wusup, wusup
Better Get Cha Mind Right
What What , Huh what

[Soulja Slim]
One lonely Soldier I be
The last real nigga still down with Master P
I do this for the money and I do this for the love
I do this for my Soldiers and I do this for my Thugs
A lot of these rappers ain't talkin' bout nothin'
I don't knock it get ya money nigga
Keep rap hustlin'
But don't go to talkin' that Gangsta shit
Cause I got money
Now what'cha think I'm spend a hit?
You dead wrong my 44 long it won't leave yo head on
I really would knock it off yo Soldier
I'm wild Magnolia never a dirt diver
I got war wounds been in the line of Fire
Shoot that nigga, fuck dat nigga
Lay dat nigga down
Wootay was talkin' shit in the wrong part of town


[Soulja Slim]
I hope you understand that
I'm tellin' you somethin' very beneficial
Cause I own streets machines with bullets
That hold baby missiles
You Lil' Boys artificial playin' with them Lil' Pop pistols
I put hoes in you so deep you see only yo bone gristle
I'm Soldier this I'm Soldier that because I'm Soulja Slim
Third Ward die hog , you really don't wanna fuck with him
I'm from the M-A-G-N-O-L-I-A
Only thing Hot Boy catch the bullets comin' out my K
My dogs write me from Angola and Allen and shit
Tellin' me to hold it down, tellin' me to represent
Ever since they free'd me I've been thuggin' with Krazy
Will I see the jail cell again nigga maybe
Bitch nigga's talk shit they get dealt with
With the quickness me and my people bout business
Better get 'cha mind right on the real
Bitch niggas get killed that's how I feel


[Black Felon]
Say Slim, these hoe ass niggas
They know they ain't bout it
Come through the hood talkin' that shit and
Leave they bitch ass crowded
See where I'm from we lay it down on these
Clowns and busters, tottin' 44 and choppers
Bustin' on mother fuckers
Look dog, y'all keep claimin' on the hood y'all stay
See that's gonna make my job easy so I know where just to spray
See I'ma ride through dog in a four door Lac
Roll the windows and cock it back
Hear that clak clak clak!!!!

[Soulja Slim]
Man these niggas need to be slapped

[Black Felon]
Uh Huh they catchin' the blues
I catch 'em yappin' I ain't slappin'
I'm knockin' 'em clean out they shoes

I got shit that shoot missiles dog
Fuck around and have yo relatives missin' dog
Get shot up and and have yo name put on the wall
X-Conn and Soulja Slim that's my Tank Dawg
So fuck y'all


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  • 2 Get Cha Mind Right
  • 3 Make It Bounce
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  • 17 Ya Heard Me
  • 18 What You Came Fo
  • 19 My Jacket
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