Hit the Highway Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Soulja Slim Years Later cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:25

Let's ride out - 7x

[Hook - 2x]
I'm bout to hit the highway, I'm gonna get it
I'm bout to hit the highway, coming back with it
I'm bout to hit the highway, with two cold blooded bitches
Don't trip out on that X ma, we taking care of bidness

[Soulja Slim]
Ok, I'ma need ya'll to be focused on the way out there
We straight but coming back, they might try to scope us
That just a real nigga vibe, I use to spook out
Now I don't duck and slob, and still keep the tool out
I wish one of you bitches rolled some'ing
Before I get mad, and whip one of ya'll like you stole some'ing
You know my nerves get bad, I be ready to fold some'ing
It ain't my gang, but some niggas just chose stunting
I tilt my hat and tilt it back, cock diesel
I hate on no man, expecially not my people
Look here, I'ma take it one day at a time
And sooner or later, I'ma get mine
You gon' find me balling, in a big ol' mansion
Or in my Cadillac truck, straight mashing
I'ma get the world, they all gon' feel me out
And then see what Soulja Slim is really bout

[Hook - 2x]
[Soulja Slim]
Now we done made it, to our destination
I'm wide open, on one and a half smiley faces
Ya'll know me I just be wilding places, love it or hate it
I'm one real nigga that won't be faded, so get with me or imitate me
The game let me penetrate it, nigga what now
When a nigga speak raw about me, your ass cut ha
That's why I don't fuck with ya no mo', you be moving too slow
I would of been made a mill ticket, in the projects slanging dope
From now on, ya'll can call me Gun Smoke the go getter
Drug trafficking traveling, coming back and taxing em
Yeah Bin Laden, had it fucked up for a minute
But a nigga still found a way to get it, way to get it

[Hook - 2x]
[Soulja Slim]
Everything, when I ate on the sco' size
I got ten thousand pills, for a low price
If you think I'm bullshitting, then hold ties
I be back in the N.O. tonight, to get your mind right
Them yellow alligators, back in town
I ain't no dog, but I fuck with a few niggas from downtown
Sent some of em down there, Westbank gotta catch the bridge
I'm beefing with ya'll D.A., and your sherriff's a bitch
Picture they got C-Murder on murder charges, them bitches heartless
My next show's gon' be in a casket, up in darling Lorey's
Hustling's a habit, I got's to get's my paper
Fuck what you talking bout, that's how I roll years later

[Hook - 2x]
Let's ride out - 10x

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