I'm a Fool Lyrics - Soulja Slim

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Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:23
[Verse 1]
(So Slim, do you have anything to say to the people?)
I'm a motha****in' Fool, and you, test my nuts
not knowin', in guns I trust, and bust and put gats in the dust
you wanted some murder ****, well murder **** is what ya gettin'
I'm verbally spittin', got these *****s scared and shittin'
you ****in' with the right one, soulja fo life one
ain't no motha****a like em
where he at, show em to me
and I'm gonna strike em and bite em
and swallow em, for trying to be a follower
my deadly venom instantly kills em like a cobra
leave it up to Magnolia
to shut em down and sober
popped off and tokin' em
break down and stick em and hold em up
and smoke it up with enemies
claim to be friends with me
the whole while they into me
when **** don't make sense to me
whodi got a bently, and whodi got a jag
whodi got a lot of **** that Soulja Slim never had
but, I don't get mad and start hatin, 'cause that's ***** ****
if it wasn't for incarceration, I'd a been rich

I'm a fool
and I'm one of em, who likes to talk about what I'm about
straight up tell ya to ya face what I'm gonna do
I'm a fool
these *****s fool hoggin, and ho hoggin
drinkin' that hatorade, they don't want to see me ballin'
I'm a fool
they can't stop me, they hoes jock me
how you luv that, baller block that
I'm a fool
I can hear em sayin it now
that's a fool there, a fool there

[Verse 2]
(knocks on the door)

Who's there?, it's me dog, me?
where the **** you was at when I was off in the penetentiary
when I was outta sight and outta mind
with only a handful of soldiers by my side,
rest of my so called *****s was jive
but I ain't gonna say no names, 'cause they know who they be
so if you thinkin' I'm talkin' bout you, **** You
'cause lately, I been feelin' since these *****s tryin' soulja hate me
that they want to duct tape me
and knock me off, and drop me off, in the Nolia
but I'm shell shocked, clutchin' my glock, ***** I'm a soldier,
beggin around fo some change, and come and get me
and I'm gonna be waitin' on em by myself with my pistols with me
ain't nann ***** gon' ride, like I'm gon' ride for me
and ain't nann ***** gon die, like I'm gon' die for me
believe that, I'm 100% real when ya look me up and down
you can see that, come back in the mix, and I'll be back
to touch somethin', hit somethin' and split somethin'
quit stunnin', ya'll *****s ain't killin' nuttin'

I'm a fool
I been there, done that ****
when I'm off in that zone, *****, tell me run that ****
I'm a fool
Angola bound, uptown
skinny *** ***** weighin' a hundred somethin' pounds
I'm a fool
I represents what I say
ain't no ****in game here, ain't no instant replay
I'm a fool
I hear em sayin it now, that's a fool there, a fool there

[Verse 3]
(Slim, do you have anything to say to the haters who say you can't
make it on the outside?)
Remember this old sayin' a wise man change
a fool will stay the same
**** it, blame it on the game
breakin' acid
will I spend my life in a cell block or in a casket
or will I get old and get my groove back like Angela Basset
only time will tell, but until then I'll be stackin' my mail
by album album sells, Magnolia wear dwells
I love them bricks, I love the ghetto hoes
'cause they gon' show ya what they workin' with
a lot of my little dogs, still be gettin' loaded
walkin' around the project with the pistol out, talkin' and snortin'
whodi don't give a ****, 'cause they dealer got em gone
bout that foolishness, and gon' jack somethin' with they jones
they remind me of me, old Magnolia Slim
you can break ya *** off in this sewer water tryin' to swim
it's polluted, I'm foolish

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