I've Been Here Before Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Soulja Slim Years Later cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 3:50

[Hook x2]
I done been here before
And I done told myself I ain't gon' come here no more
I lied to myself cause now I'm in the same place
Looking at these niggas, I just look back in their face

[Verse 1]
What the fuck you looking at? Yup, I done fell back
Ain't no autographs and shit, just show me where my cell at
My folder number: 369, 007
I'ma get mine on the tier, without tier reppin'
They banned me from {?} Two, three
For fucking with them freaks that like to see a nigga skeet
Suffer me, send me to the hole in HOD
I bet I get my fucking ass swung to OPP
Where the dawgs at?
I know Tremell ain't do all that time went back
Real nigga from the 9, I fuck with niggas like that
When it's roll call, it's right back, let me pack my shit
Why every night nigga dream bout going home in this bitch
Full of them counter depressants sweating like a motherfucker
Shy on visit days cause she ain't, cause she don't love you
Wodie we all know shorty, he fucking my bitch too
You fuck another nigga bitch, why a nigga can't get you?


[Verse 2]
I'm sitting in my jail cell waiting on my court day
State ass lawyer tryna get me to cop but no way
Get up out my fucking face, you working with the DA
Every conviction that y'all get, y'all get paid
[?] a nigga like me burn in hell
For all my niggas on parole and my niggas in a cell
And fuck you Mr. Deputy, you ain't nothing but a free man
I ain't got no holla if you ain't bringing no weed man
See man, I'm a vic, not an inmate
Just cause I'm in, mate
Don't think that I'll bust your fucking face
You gon' respect me or send me to the hole again
It's cool, I'll pack my shit dawg, I'll roll again
I'm a penitentiary nigga, I been there and made it back
Ain't nothing I'm proud to say but fuck I gotta keep stressing that
You know why


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