If It Ain't Real Lyrics - Soulja Slim

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Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta/Thug Rap
length: 3:57

Feat. Lil' Real One

[Soulja Slim]
Real nigga, huh real nigga status (you know)
Gone off that mo'fucking midnight
Ya understand what I'm saying, midnight
You feel me, (dro that is)

[Hook - 2x]
If it ain't real, it ain't me
If I ain't toting that steel, I might get killed on my streets
If you from the N.O., you know what I'm talking bout
Send me to jail, I post bail I'ma make it out

[Soulja Slim]
Nigga what you looking at, I know you ain't booting up
All of us got knives, most of us tooled up
Blues what huh, nigga blues who
I'm gone off some dro, in the red white and blue
Ooh and it's my duty, to serve you quickly
When I come, my drum gone be holding fifty
I'ma leave some'ing numb, from fucking with me
I been overdue, for these cowards to get me
I'm the nigga nigga, uh they love to hate
But they scared to run down me, I keep some'ing in my waist
You's a bitch ass nigga, stay out my face
I can't lace that up for you, no other kinda way
When you fucking with me, you fucking with the real
Deal, fake niggas get fucked in the field
I stay up in the field, I never got fucked so I'm real
You's a bitch boy, you hide behind the shield

[Hook - 2x]
[Lil' Real One]
I'm in my motherfucking territory, foul now
But I bet a bitch gone bow down
Stay out of my way, cause I'm holding my K
And bitch, I'm bout to wild out
I hold it down, for that down south
I'm standing blasting my canon, my attitude is empty every Bullet I got me any adversary, hailmary ya'll scary
Bone buried, my fucking eyes blurry
I mean heavily twisted, I been on lean
I'ma perculate and I'ma lean, nigga feeling the breeze
I do thangs like a gangsta, hell is hot in the mangers
Smelling my Glock top as I pop shots, feel these hot potat'as
This for now not later, I got's to escalate you man
I'll take the shit out of your crib, like I'm your decorator
Punch ya', put your kid in the refrigerator
I bought a Glock for all you nigga hater, popped a lot of shots at a demonstrator
I'm bout to penitrate ya, I been a gangsta
But my clip right in my hand, fucking my trigger finger

[Hook - 2x]
[Soulja Slim]
It's getting crucial now, three murders every day
Shit will never stop, in the N-O-L-A
New Orleans Louisiana, can I ride with my heat
I'ma ride with my heat, four time felony
Everybody telling me, stay out the penetentiary
But I'd rather go back, than get my head on a flat
Them Magnolia niggas, them Melpomene niggas
Them Calliope niggas, ain't nothing to play with
If they got beef, then they letting the K spit
Trying to make a nigga disappear, like matrix
I wear my Reebok's, with the loose shoe laces
And stomp in em like a big dog, in different places
Never went out of state, and caught no cases
Don't think that I won't, homeboy I'll waste ya
Somebody call the ambulance
That boy blood flood the street like a avalanche, dead on arrival

[Hook - 2x]

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