Intro Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Soulja Slim Years Later cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 2:29
What the **** I was told 1998, 2001
On and on you know how I do it
It don't stop it don't stop
Look Look Look

[Soulja Slim]
****'s real I'ma tell you this off tops
All my *****s from the Six Code got Glocks
We killers dog, hold sixty dog
On the reala dog, put yo head on the permanent pillow dog
Spit **** raw **** wash **** you want that get that
Get back my dogs bout War, smoke *****s like Humps
Smoke *****s like Gar you don't want to se us in that tinted car
Jumpin' out that ***** screamin' out Aw Aw
With K's n **** The Streets Made Me *****
So don't ever try to play this ****
Like it's cool I'm a ****in' fool on the low
Don't ever check a real ***** check a hoe
I'm tellin' ya they gone be smellin' ya
Under the Magnolia I'm a Soldier

From what I was told again I'm a blow again
**** with these hoes again get exposed again
Mystikal I'm'a try to duck and dodge the pin
Never goin' back to the hole they threw me in
From what I was told

2001 you know The Streets Made Me
I got love for the streets

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